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Tips, Training and Tears

Did you ride the Mudgee Classic?

We had all been watching the weather forecast in the prior week in the lead up to the Mudgee Classic to see if the wild weather forecast for the weekend would bring about any cancellation...

From Youtube Vlogger to Pro Cyclist

Looking for some inspiration - follow this journey of a young youtube vlogger's rise to the pro ranks.

Don’t underestimate the power of the mind

Enjoy your surroundings, congratulate yourself for doing something healthy, and push yourself to get to that next rest point.

Fuel well and often

Fueling the Long Ride. You should aim to eat and drink consistently throughout your ride,

Can you field a team to match them?

There is no question these guys are fit and enjoy life to the full with regular rides around the Central Coast.

Six String Brewery Company will be at the Event Village

Great beer for a great ride, a combination we think is the ultimate collaboration.

Chiro Advice for Cyclists

With any repetitive activity we always recommend exercises and movements to counteract that particular posture.

Fundraiser for Kariong

Local charities missed out on major fundraising events in 2020 – but the Rotary Club’s Century Challenge is making a comeback.
Are padded cycling shorts for me ?

Are padded shorts for me?

Padded shorts will make your ride a much more comfortable experience

A cycle ride through the hinterland of the Central Coast via Somersby and Mangrove Mountain